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My new Magnetometer Readings for Winterton in England.

I bought this magnetometer way back in March 2019 were it just sat in my filing cabinet since. In May 2021, I spent 3 days building and testing the magnetometer. It's finally running for alerting me to possible Northern Light shows.

Many Thanks to Witham Reeve for shipping it over from Alaska...

Below is the up to date magnetometer trend located in my back garden! When a geomagnetic storm starts - the magnetometer responds, when the geomagnetic storm strengthens the magnetometers respond further... once the trend falls significantly in these lower latitudes there is a chance the we will see the aurora low in the Northern Horizon... but don't forget, clear skies and no light pollution is required... Good Luck!!!

This page automatically reloads the latest magnetogram every minute.

Sensor: 3-axis, X (North-South, blue), Y (East-West, red), and Z (Vertical, green) - Geographic Coordinate System

My SAM-III with 3 sensors commissioned 23rd May 2021.

The horizontal scale is a 24-hour time scale in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Just above the horizontal axis are colored bars indicating the K-index for each period (this actually is a pseudo-K-index because it is calculated on each of the X, Y and Z components instead of the horizontal component [vector sum of X and Y]). The highest K-index of the three appears at the top of the chart. The colors of the K-index bars are: Green: K3 and below, Yellow: K4 and K5, and Red: K6 and above.

A red alarm bar may appear just below the horizontal axis. The alarm is triggered when the magnetic field fluctuations reach a preset threshold within 20 minutes. For the above chart, the threshold is K6. A rapidly changing field indicates high probability of visible and radio aurora.

The vertical scale shows magnetic induction (magnetic flux density, B) in nanoTeslas. The chart is normalized each day at 0000 UTC wherein the magnetic induction of all three components, Bx, By and Bz, are zeroed relative to the value at 2359:59 UTC the day before. The vertical scale is automatically adjusted (auto-scale).

The color of each trace is indicated for Bx (Blue), By (Red) and Bz (Green) in the lower-left corner of the chart.

The chart legend includes the Town and Country, Geographic Coordinates, date ( and time. Note: geomagnetic coordinates of the station are given at the top of this page.

Magnetogram updates every minute.